4 Things To Do When Your Motivation Is Zero

Motivation is important if you want to reach a fitness or weight loss goal.

Motivation is your “why” – the thing that drives you to do what needs to be done, even on days where you’d rather not.

Willpower, in contrast, if your ability to stick to the straight and narrow path.

Motivation gets you up and moving but it’s willpower keeps you at it, making the right decisions and staying on task.

Although they are different, motivation and willpower are inextricably linked but without motivation, your willpower will have no real direction.

Unfortunately, motivation sometimes just ups and vanishes.

This can happen to anyone – even Olympic athletes.

You wake up and, for no discernable reason, you just feel “bleh” and have a bad dose of the can’t be bothered blues.

This might last a day or a week but could last much longer too.

Whether your motivation is taking a temporary sabbatical or has gone completely AWOL, here are FOUR ways to get yourself back on track.

1. Take a Break

If you’ve been following your fitness or healthy eating path for a long time, you may well be experiencing a little “burn out” and that is what has undermined your motivation.

When you started out, your motivation levels were probably higher, as is often the case whenever you take on a new project or challenge.

However, as novelty turns into routine, your motivation can take a hit.

Doing more of the same won’t help – when the horse is dead it doesn’t matter how big a stick you beat it with.

Instead of continuing your downward motivational spiral, give yourself permission to take a break.

A break will give you time to recharge your motivation and get your mojo back.

Bear in mind this is a break – a brief vacation – not the end of the journey.

Give yourself a week or two to get yourself back on track and then return to your mission with recharged enthusiasm.

What should you do during your break?

That’s a good question and we’ve got the answers for you in the next points!

2. Make a New Plan

If you took tip one to heart, you’ll need this tip too.

After your break, make a new plan for whatever you are trying to achieve.

If you are working toward weight loss, plan a new menu and include some new meals to liven up your diet.

If you want to get fit, create a new workout routine and include some different exercises and workout methods.

Going back the plan that broke your motivation in the first place makes no sense; if it didn’t work then, it’s unlikely to work now.

A new plan could be exactly what you need to restart your motivation and progress.

If your new plan does not fire your motivation, you need a different one.

Look for fun and exciting ways to reach your weight loss and fitness goals and make sure you include options to modify your program should you experience another drop in motivation.

3. Create a Supportive Environment

Even the best plan in the world will not work if you cannot stick to it.

There are lots of reasons that you may find it hard to stick to your plan but many of these barriers can be overcome with a strong supportive environment.

When you are designing your new plan, make sure you consider what support is currently available and look for ways to increase it.

For example:

·       Hire a personal trainer to help you with your workouts

·       Buy a food tracking app and use it to record your meals

·       Join a weight loss club

·       Make a weight loss bet with a friend

·       Start a support page on Facebook

·       Create a weight loss group amongst your friends

·       Hire a nutrition coach to help you with your diet

·       Ask your significant other to come to the gym with you and eat more healthily

Anything you can do that will safeguard your motivation will help keep you on the straight and narrow.

When it comes to support, it’s always better to have more than you need than less than you want.

4. Envision Your Success If You Do, and Your Regret If You Don’t

How do you want to look and feel a year from now?

Slimmer, healthier, more energetic?

Now take a moment to visualize that new you.

See yourself looking healthy, being happy, and feeling accomplished.

That could be you if you stick to the plan!

Now, envision how you’ll look and feel if you don’t carry out your plan.

Here’s a hint: it’ll be the same as you are now.

Are you really going to be happy looking the same and feeling the same as you do now or do you want to forge a new, happier, healthier you?

Visualizing the new you should help keep your motivation levels on the up and up.

Visualize the new you often to make the most of this powerful tip.

The next time you feel your motivation starting to wane, make sure you mediate on what you are trying to achieve (the new you) and what you are trying to leave behind (the old you).


It’s natural to experience motivational highs and lows – you can’t expect to feel 100% 24/7/365.

Accept that motivation can dip as well as climb and use these tips and tricks anytime you feel your motivation needs a boost.